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By Bill O'Neil -- Staff Writer

Emma Dubner was asked if she could bring her band to a children's event.

''Yeah, sure I can,'' she said.

The only problem: She didn't have a band.

The event ''was within a week or something ridiculous,'' she recalls.

When she had started to play the guitar, she'd brought it with her to her job at a Harwich preschool. Before long, she was singing at other preschools. Then came the offer to have her band take the stage.

She got five friends, all experienced local musicians, to join her for that 2002 show. On the way to the gig, drummer J. Cournoyer came up with a name for the group: Emma and the Elbows.



''The Elbows,'' the Elbows ***1/2

Children's musicians have to walk a tightrope, trying to perform in a way that will be captivating for kids without being migraine-inducing for parents. Let's hear it for the Elbows, a Cape band that gets it just right on a CD that's more rockabilly than Raffi.

'Sing When Your Spirit Says Sing'' gets a rowdy surf-rock makeover, and other songs draw from the roots-rock that inspired one of drummer J. Cournoyer's previous bands, the High Kings. Brett Dubner, formerly of the Long Odds, wrote one of the disc's two originals, the steady-grooving ''Workin' Dubner.'' Julia Randall and Emma Dubner, two-thirds of the Ticks, take on most of the lead vocals and supply join-right-in harmonizing on other songs.

Here's the true test: My favorite 6-year-old was singing along the first time she heard the CD, and two weeks later she spontaneously broke into the Elbows' ''Little Bunny Foo Foo.''

The Elbows will perform at 10 a.m. Saturday at the Winter Carnival at Harwich Elementary School.

Reviewed at by Bill O'Neill.

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